Our Team

Darrell Faircloth
Founder | Sales | Strategy
Darrell studied marketing at Stephen F. Austin and has been in sales and marketing all his life. He has worked in the auto, technology, finance, and real estate sectors. He has also organized concerts, festivals, and trade shows and developed marketing strategies for those events and others. He brings a wealth of marketing experience to the table.
Chris Crawley
Director of Operations | Project Management
Leroy has a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Science from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. His focus areas were Marketing, Education, and Entrepreneurship. Leroy brings decades of sales and marketing experience having worked in the hospitality, technology, and academic sectors. He has served as an executive coach and consultant with particular success in marketing, operations, and sales process management.
Heather Atwood
Merchant Services | Reputation Management
Heather grew up in Dallas and went to high school with Ken and Darrell. She participated in the Arts Program at SMU. Her work experience includes sales, marketing, and merchant account management in the automotive, real estate development, and healthcare sectors.
Matthew Hagen
Sales | Graphic and Web Design | Social Media Marketing
Matt grew up in the Fountain Lake area and graduated from FLHS. He got into Graphic Design and Web Development 25 years ago and has been at it ever since. He holds mastery certifications in most Adobe applications. He worked for Maxwell Blade for several years and still does from time to time, After a 10-year sabbatical honing his sales skills in Los Angeles, Matt's back in Hot Springs where he belongs.
Ken Harrell
Web Development | SEO
Ken and Darrell grew up together and have been friends for over 40 years. Ken has worked in the IT sector most of his life. His expertise includes secure site development, Search Engine Optimization, SaaS integration, network security, support, and administration.
Anya Maykova
Search Engine and Social Media Marketing
Anya graduated the Kiev Institute of Business and Technology where she studied web development and marketing. She is proficient in search engine and social media marketing strategies and campaign management.
Edward “Fast Eddie” Johnson
Graphic Artist
Eddie graduated from the Art Institute where he studied graphic arts. He holds mastery certifications in most Adobe applications. He is a creative perfectionist and will continue working on projects long after they were completed.